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Early Spring Hammock Preparation

Winter is still going strong across the US, but we are closing in quickly on spring. With the longer, sunnier days we can plan more opportunities for hammock camping. With a little planning now, you can get your gear in order to maximize your spring potential.

Today I am going to go over some maintenance you can do in winter to prepare you for the fast approaching spring days.

Early Spring Hammock Preparation

Hammocks take wear and tear throughout their use. Wind, our weight, weather, and poor packing can all attribute to a damaged hammock. So the first thing on our list is to check for any damage in our hammock.

Mold and Mildew

Your hammock has been sitting in the attic for several months. Even the best of us often forget to air out our gear after a wet camping trip, or simply don’t have forgiving weather to properly allow our hammocks to air out.

So first things first, unfold the hammock. If you notice any foul odors, or discoloration that can be wiped off you likely have a mold or mildew problem. As long as it hasn’t eaten through the fabric you should be able to apply a spray to help with the situation.

I personally recommend Dr. Burkenstock’s Mold Mildew and Odor Prevention Spray . It is purpose built for outdoor gear and leaves a pleasant sent behind. Simply spray it on, wipe it down, and allow to air dry this time.

Now that hammock mildew is taken care of lets move on to hammock tears.


Tears can happen for various reasons. No matter how careful you are. From the wind slapping the hammock around when it improperly hung, folded creases becoming more severe, and simple storage or transportation mistakes (sliding).

Repairing tears is pretty simple. Grab some Tear-Aid
(which should be in your bag to begin with for field repairs) clean the area, place the epoxy, slap on the patch, and clean it up. Let everything dry and you are done.

Now we need to move on to seam damage


Sometimes seams begin to give out. The fabric may be thin near the seam, the threads my be torn, or a cut may have occurred. You could use Tear-Aid in order to repair the damage, but that would leave a stiff seam. Instead go with Seam Grip

This is another item you should have in your gear bag already for field repairs.
Seam grip is waterproof, and flexible. You simply brush it on and let it cure. It wont peel or crack over time, so you have a nice solution.

Next we need to check the riggings of the hammock


Hammock rigging includes all parts of the hammock use to suspend it. From the straps built in to hook up to your hammock tree straps to the simple carabiners to hold everything together. Most of this stuff is pretty robust, so if it is broken you likely need to purchase new rigging.

Carabiners are usually made of a rust resistant material, but through wear or simply ordering the wrong ones rust can be an issue. Check your carabiners for any rust or damage. If you find any simply replace them. If replacing your hammock carabiners you should take a look at the Carapeak 30kn heavy duty Screwgate Carabiners . They lock shut and are heavy duty. No more snags, and no more carabiner gates opening on you.

Your hammock tree straps should last years, but if you leave them out in the sun or store them wet they may fray or break. Since all of your weight is place on these guys discard them if you find any damage. Look for frays, creases, cuts, or thin spots in the material. If you don’t find any of these, you are good to go.

If you do find yourself replacing your hammock tree straps take a gander at the Pro Venture hammock tree straps . They support up to 400 lb, and are made of a strong stretch resistant material. We have been using these lately due to the low cost and high value.

If you wind up happening to replace or repair a ton of gear you may want to consider some better maintenance while packing your gear up. While it is not the end of the world cost wise, most of this equipment should last you for years with proper maintenance.


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