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How to view the Solar Eclipse while camping

On August 21st 2017 the first solar eclipse will be occurring, and be viewable throughout the United States. Many hotels are already booked in the path of totality as people scramble to see this once in a lifetime phenomenon. So, what is the best way to see the eclipse in the path of totality now? Camping of course!

Most campgrounds that allow reservations are booked completely up, but there are plenty of first come first server, and rural camping spots that you can get to. I am not going to go over everyone in this article since the path of totality goes over many states, counties, and cities. The best way to find these rural sites is to look up Bureau of Land Management land along the path of totality. You can also look up state and county parks along the path as well.

Once you find a spot it is time to plan your trip. Make sure you bring all your camping essentials, including your hammock. I feel a hammock is ideal for viewing the Solar Eclipse specifically. It will get you off the ground, looking up, and cradle you in a comfortable position.

Solar Eclipse

Solar Eclipse

The alternative is looking straight up for several minutes, crooking your neck at an odd angle, and likely giving up on watching the whole thing.

I do have a couple of specialty recommendations for your hammock though. It is difficult to see through trees and shrubbery if you are looking at the solar eclipse. So, make sure you have long and sturdy hammock straps that will pull you away from the canopy above. I recommend the Eno Atlas Straps since they are 9 feet long each, and can support up to 400 pounds.

The atlas straps also have 30 different anchor points. So, while you are trying to figure out a custom configuration to give yourself the best view of the solar eclipse you have many options available to suspend your hammock. These straps will also last for years to come, and would be a perfect addition to your standard hammock gear.

For the hammock itself I would recommend the ENO DoubleNest Hammock This hammock is large enough for 2 people, but made to be extra comfortable for just one. It is easy to set up, and carries in a compression bag. Attaching it with the ENO Atlas Straps is a breeze as the products are developed for each other. The weight limit on this hammock is 400 pounds, and it comes with plenty of accessories to make sure you have the best hammock experience out there.

Now that you have your hammock and accessories taken care of it is important that you consider viewing safety. It is still dangerous to look directly into the sun and you will need to take care to either make a punch card, or purchase some commemorative Eclipse Viewing Glasses.

I have searched around and managed to find a set of glasses that comes with a commemorative poster. It comes in a 5 pack so get with your friends, and view in style! Eclipse Glasses. Here is the product. They are lightweight, inexpensive, collectible, and properly protective. These will protect your eyesight while allowing you to witness history!

The next problem you need to overcome is your camera. I am sure you are going to be taking photos and possible video. But the sun will wash out your photos even during the Eclipse. So you need a filter that can allow your device to take a good photo.

I found a Solar Filter Sheet available for cameras, telescopes, and binoculars. This is a custom solution. Using tape you attach this to your device. It will allow the camera to take photos without washing out. You need to make sure to tape all edges though. If you are using a phone or smaller device it is fine to cut the filter to size.
This filter also allows you to view the sun safely through a telescope. Remember that any unfiltered viewing of the sun is dangerous to your eyes and can cause severe and permanent damage. You can attack this filter directly over the front of your telescope and it will work the same as the camera, it will filter out some of the light, allowing for safe viewing. The filter can be taped on, but again all edges must have tape to prevent light from entering from around the outside of the filter.

Anyways those are the specialty items I could think of for experiencing the Solar Eclipse this coming August. Remember safety must come first when viewing the sun, but you can easily enjoy this rare phenomenon first hand if you follow the proper safety steps.

So start planning now, and check out our other guides on hammocks, straps, and set ups so you are prepared prior to your trip.


Benefits of an Outdoor Hammock

An outdoor hammock is the new way of outdoor camping, particularly for people who have bodies that get grouchy when they sleep on the cold ground over night. They are much easier to manage, lighter and much easier to look after previously and throughout outdoor camping.

There are hammocks that are more costly however they generally include more functions and are constructed out of products that are more durable to the components than a sleeping bag.

Outdoor Beach hammock

Hammock on the beach

Hammock camping tents are likewise more flexible. You can suspend them, you can use them on the ground or you can put them above you when you desire shelter or wish to have a fire. All these uses can originate from that one hammock.

Some people use their sleeping bags inside an outdoor hammock for more support. Because they will leave no trace and they will not hurt the trees, many people use hammocks.

When it is a warm night, another great concept for utilizing an outdoor camping hammock is that air will stream through the hammock camping tent. There are some outdoor hammocks that are developed so that they safeguard you from the components no matter the temperature.

When you are not camping, this is an excellent way to enjoy your hammock camping tent. Once you get the hang of it, you will find that your outdoor camping hammock can be used in a lot more ways than your sleeping bag.

Some hammocks do take some getting used to because you either enter into them from the side or the bottom; the side opening ones appears to be a little much easier to get in and out of however both types will take a little time to get used to.

When you are camping however is the fact that you will not require a fancy bed to take with you, the best thing about having an outdoor hammock. You do not require a flat surface and you can still search for at the stars.

Hammocks are terrific for the whole family, you can motivate your grandchildren or kids to get outdoors and delight in the weather condition. Provide a book to check out, and let them take pleasure in some alone time. Motivate them to do their research while swinging away in the hammock.
To secure your hammock you need to merely cover the strap around the tree and pass the loop through the metal ring. You must then connect the hammock to the ring utilizing S-hook hardware. You need to keep in mind that while the straps are extremely reliable in their working they have the tendency to trigger damage to the trees that they are connected to.
After a hard-days work, absolutely nothing beats calming down in a hammock, these items will really bring favorable modification to your life quickly with hardly any expense.


How to Choose the Best Hammock With a Mosquito Net

A hammock is a fantastic piece of travel equipment to bring with you in the tropics. In point, hammocks are comfy to oversleep, simple to establish, inexpensive to buy, and many hostels enable visitors to oversleep their own hammocks for a greatly lowered rate. Bring a hammock supplies the traveler with the capability to establish a bed nearly throughout the tropical landscape, however, there is one significant issue.

As the weather condition gets warmer and the temperature increases, mosquitoes come out to play. Mosquitoes are entirely non-active in the winter, hibernating through the cold months. Once the

Mosquito Net Material

Mosquito Netting

temperature warms, the mosquitoes start to come out in force.

Oversleeping a conventional hammock leaves the body exposed to mosquitoes, spiders, animals, and other bugs that might bite or otherwise pain you in the night. To totally enhance a hammock for comfy use in the tropics, the traveler needs to use a mosquito net.

Add a Hammock with Mosquito Net to a Hammock

You can still find excellent protection for your hammock if you aren’t looking to buy a new hammock simply to combat some mosquitoes. Many kinds of netting exist that are created particularly for your hammock. The idea for all them is basically the same. The hammock is strung through the mosquito net through 2 openings on each end. The mosquito net is suspended with a ridgeline above the hammock. You can get in and from the mosquito net through a zipper on one side.

A jungle hammock is a style of a hammock that includes an integrated mosquito net These hammocks offer complete protection even in the buggiest conditions. They are frequently offered as total shelters and can run a number of hundred dollars.

A less expensive option to a jungle hammock are parachute hammocks with an integrated mosquito net. These hammocks are basically the like the popular parachute nylon outdoor camping hammocks, however with a connected bug net. These hammocks can likewise be used as a regular hammock by flipping it over, making it a flexible option. In this manner, you can simply hang out without being restricted within the net.

Once this is done, you can press the hammock’s ropes out through the small holes that are cinched with flexible in the upper 2 corners, then connect them to a couple trees or other assistances. Make certain that the leading support string is connected tight and level. Now, you can crawl inside the mosquito net, and you are ended up.
A tarpaulin might likewise be quickly included as a rain fly over the top of the mosquito net and staked to the ground with ropes. All this is our best recommendations, however, bear in mind that when we’re outdoors, mosquitoes are typically a fact of life. Simply because they’re ringing around, it does not suggest that you cannot still delight in a trip into the wild! Whether you get a mosquito evidence hammock or just customize your existing one, hammock without worry the next time you’re out.


Outdoor Camping Hammock


Because models that are uneasy to sleep in are not perfect for outdoor camping, convenience is the best quality. When buying online to see which equipment suites you best, it is crucial to inspect out camping hammock evaluations. Hammocks that are roomier have the tendency to use much better sleeping conditions while the lighter styles compromise convenience for products that are compact in size however typically affect the quality of sleep. There is likewise the case of high quality, light-weight pads and bags that will couple with the hammock.


The weight of outdoor camping hammocks mostly depends upon the product used. The most trustworthy products are canvas, polyester and cotton. When thinking about weight it is likewise crucial

Hammock in tree

Hammock Set Up

to think about the suspension system. Some models include a consisted of cable while other do not. Size likewise impacts weight. Some models have slim functions with resilient product. An excellent general rule is that the broader and longer the hammock is the more comfy it will be.

Sturdiness/ Protection

The greatest hammocks are those that are made from nylon. The product can secure from wind and light rain. The very best outdoor camping hammock that provides protection from these conditions is the Hennessy exploration asym as it is incredibly weatherproof. It likewise has a bug net. The blackbird likewise has a detachable bug net and a deep flooring to cut the wind from streaming into the hammock.


An excellent outdoor camping hammock model need to be flexible to fit the user’s needs. An excellent hammock can be used for sleeping, relaxing, sitting, and much more. The doubles are an excellent option for adaptability. The single parachute models are likewise an excellent blend for those searching for light-weight options for outdoor camping.

Reduce to Set-up

Setting up can be challenging, particularly if the hammock does not have cables or straps to twist around the anchors. It is recommended to choose models that have Carabiners and extra cables.

If you have a more modern-day camping tent it is easy to set up. And the hammock is another basic established. You’ll simply need to find some trees situated far enough apart (and ideally not over an enormous canyon) and begin strapping your hammock up.

Yes, the very first time or more that you assemble it, you may have a question to make sure that whatever is going properly. Then once again, you need to most likely be doing a dry run of any new equipment prior to taking it out on the path to ensure that you know how to use it correctly and to care for it properly.



A bug net is one the crucial accessories to offer the camper with a bug-free sleeping space. Remaining warm is likewise a concern since the wind blows from under the hammock. One way to fix this is by sleeping on a basic sleeping pad at the bottom. The under-quilt boosts heat and convenience.


With walls all around you, even if they are thin camping tent product there is a frame of mind that makes you feel much better. While you might have a tarp up over your hammock and it might do a much better job than a camping tent at keeping all the rain off of you (in some way camping tents always appear to have that one place that rain storms appear to find to let water in). When the wind kicks up you are still swinging in a cocoon in between 2 trees.

A mild breeze and a soft rocking may assist your wandering off to sleep with the sound of the woods, however, a true storm can have you swinging to the point that you are questioning if you can get seasick in a hammock.



It is crucial to carry out a coat comparison prior to buying an outdoor camping hammock. Camping products differ in cost depending upon their quality and the place of sale. When planning to conserve money the very best place to buy is online since there are different sites that sell excellent and inexpensive quality equipment. When buying online, rate comparison is likewise really simple. In the end, it is everything about what you require and can pay for.

Consider who or how many people will use the hammock. Will 2 or more people use the hammock at a time? Once, make sure to buy a strong stand with the weight capability to hold all users at. Always remember while you and/or your loved ones are lying suspended in mid-air that your hammock is just as safe as the tree, post or stand that supports it.

Depending upon what hammock you have and what accessories you have brought with you, you might get up with some unwanted presents from the trees. Some hammocks have an integrated bug screen, others are simply open top.

Some people find sleeping in the traditional hammock “banana shape” to not be the way that they desire to spend their nights.



Camping Hammocks

When considering a camping hammock it is important to understand several changes you will have to make in your routine.  Design, Insulation, Terrain, and Protection become much more important than traditional tent camping when you decide to use an outdoor hammock as your tent.  Make sure to look through several hammock companies, their reviews, and find a design that matches the area you are going to.


Most camping hammocks are designed to allow the camper to lay flat.  This is achieved using asymmetric designs and sleeping diagonally.  This lowers the feet and head compared to day use tree hammocks and provides for a more comfortable sleep environment.  People who use camping hammocks prefer this design.  So when looking for a good camping hammock, find one that does not raise your head or feet too much, or preferably one developed for sleeping.

Tree Hammock

Outdoor Hammock


It is important to understand that sleeping in a hammock is different from sleeping in a tent.  You are elevated off the ground, which means you have less natural insulation.  If you intend to use a camping hammock you must take additional insulation into consideration.  Even a simple summer trip can be bone chilling without the proper insulation.

Find a good hammock pad to place in your hammock.  These can be cumbersome to use, but they do provide additional insulation below your body.  You may also find a hammock that has an insert for these sleeping pads.  It adds weight but makes it easier to keep the pad in place.  You can also find a good hammock under quilt.  This drapes from your hammock helping keep drafts away, and your body heat in.



Finding suitable terrain is important for using a camping hammock.  You need to find strong and sturdy trees to hang your hammock from.  You can also use your natural environment to help with heat retention.  If you find a spot with trees blocking the wind or a windward cliff, it can make your camping hammock much warmer during the night.  Plan ahead for the area you are going into.  Do not travel into a barren desert with the intent to hammock camp, instead look up info about the area and plan accordingly.


Most hammocks do not provide much protection.  So it is important that you take some extra consideration when looking for a camping hammock.  The hammock needs to protect you against rain, wind, cold, bugs, predators, and all kinds of stuff found in the wilderness.  Make sure you find a rugged hammock that can withstand the elements, and keep the creepy crawlies out.

If you follow these basic considerations you should find a decent tree hammock that can be used for camping.  Most hammocks do not have all these features, and you should always look at reviews to confirm you are buying a quality item.

And always look for good hammock tree straps to hold your new hammock up!




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