Glamping, Eco Friendly Posh Camping in Pembrokeshire, Wales

So how do you fancy a bit of glamping? A bit of what? I hear you ask. Glamping, it’s the latest term coined from glamorous camping.

Well, glamorous camping is what you get if you stay in one of the tents in the 200 acre Fforest campsite in Pembrokeshire, Wales.

Eco Friendly Campsite and an All Weather Kitchen

The idea behind this eco friendly campsite is to enjoy all the good bits of camping; the fresh air, sleeping under canvas, waking up to birdsong and being part of all the wilderness around you, without all the things that put you off, like cooking in the rain, sleeping on ground sheets and inflatable pillows and being cramped in a little tent. At this campsite, you have the choice of four different types of large canvas tent; dome, nomad, kata and threepi or bell tent, each one used traditionally in a different part of the world.

Our stay there was in the middle of October, so we chose to stay in a dome tent which their website claims is, “a 20 foot diameter geodesic dome, designed for year round living.” All the tents have raised wooden flooring and the dome tents are furnished with a large double bed with down duvet, a large outdoor beanbag and a couple of fireside chairs, plenty of storage and best of all, a wood burning stove.

Outside, was an all weather kitchen where you are provided with everything from crockery and cutlery to a tin opener and bottle opener. They supply you with pans, kettle, sieve, chopping board, matches and lots of other stuff. There really isn’t any need to bring any kitchen stuff with you. Your cooker is a 2 ring gas burning stove and your fridge is a large cool box with ice blocks, replaced as often as you need from the main lodge. Your kitchen also has a wooden table and bench and on a lovely warm evening, there’s a couple of chairs for you to sit out on your decking or you can bring the beanbag out from the tent. The site is huge and the tents are well spaced out, so no one is overlooked.

Log Fire and Breakfast Included

The main lodge is where you get your breakfast which is made with local organic produce and a warm log fire in the morning. Twice a week they have an evening meal, often a barbecue or curry evening and the staff are amazingly friendly, helpful and very knowledgeable about the local area.

However, I suppose there is one drawback. It’s the one thing that everyone hates about camping, and the one thing that even this kind of camping can’t get round – going to the toilet in the middle of the night.

Well, if you are one of those haters of moonlight toilet treks then you will need to stay in one of the campsite’s croglofts. The croglofts are individual living pods based on a small Welsh crofters cottage of the same name. It has all the comforts of beds, running water, electricity, slate floors and a wood burner but it includes a wet room and toilet. You can still enjoy all the benefits of camping, like foraging for wood, cooking and dining outside and feeling cold at night but without having to go out to the loo.

Personally, I think the dome tents are what it’s all about. To me, the croglofts are lovely but not really roughing it enough to feel like camping. It’s romantic to have no electricity, to sit and talk to each other or read by one of the lanterns supplied to you. To hear the rustling of something under your tent or the owls hooting from a far away tree while you’re snuggled under your down duvet watching the flickering flames in your log burner, that’s what I call posh camping.


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