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Tips on How to Evaluate Hammocks with Stands

Hammocks are a great outdoor accessory. They let you experience nature while being strapped to trees, suspended from the ground. Sometimes it may be difficult to find a proper tree to suspend a hammock to. That is where a good hammock stand come into play.

Hammock stands can be purchased as a standalone hammock suspension system, or as part as a bundled hammock with stand deal. These are the things to consider when purchasing a hammock with a stand or a hammock stand individually.


The first factor that many customers want to fulfill is comfort. A hammock with stand is of no use if it is not comfortable and doesn’t give you enough space to rest easily. It doesn’t matter

Hammock Stand

Hammock with Stand

if it’s a camping hammock, or an indoor hammock, comfort is paramount because without it, there is no difference between the hammock and a flat surface. A good hammock withstand is made from high quality material such as parachute nylon or cotton that is not only durable, but also comfortable to lie on.


The weight of a hammock with stand plays a crucial role when it comes to the value of the entire unit. Stands are normally made from coated steel, resin steel or aluminum and can weigh as much as 35 pounds. Therefore, this is a factor that you need to consider.


This is also one of the most important considerations before you purchase a hammock with stand. Since customers want to purchase hammock so that they can go with them on various outdoor events and activities, it becomes crucial to use them even when the weather is not welcoming, like for instance when it is raining or snowing. The best hammock with stand is made of grade A fabric that can withstand any kind of weather and doesn’t wear and tear easily, even after being used in bad weather conditions.


The main work of a hammock with stand is not limited to act as a bed on camping expeditions alone, but it can also be used even at the comfort of your home, in your backyard, to relax and stare at the sun as it sets. Outdoor hammocks are well-made with material that can withstand harsh weather situations without mildewing or fading.


How to Find the Best Camping Hammock

There are three types of camping hammock you can choose, but this depends on how you want to use it. Let’s check them out:

Parachute nylon hammocks

This types of camping hammock is resistant and long lasting. It has a small stretch that makes it more comfortable. This camping hammock is ideal for sleeping a couple of nights simultaneously. The parachute hammock is available in single and double variants.

The ultralight hammock

This one is very light and compact at the same time. It is designed to be used for lightweight and fast hiking trips. Note that, when you cut weight, comfort declines as well.

The expedition hammock

Hammock Tent

Hammock with Fly

This one is made of very high quality materials to give you the best protection when you are on backpacking expedition. The hammock features various accessories such as a rainfly, extra guy lines and a mosquito net.


There are many hammocks on the market, and most of them are made of either nylon or cotton. For the cotton hammocks, they are pretty much attractive, thanks to their weave. But, it is bulky, heavy and attract a lot of water. This makes them dry slow during wet weather. On the other hand, the nylon hammock is the way to go when it comes to camping trips. It is lighter, repels water and less bulky, offering the best performance in harsh weather conditions.


The width and length of the hammock are all about personal preferences. If you want to sleep alone, choose a hammock that is bigger enough for one person, and not something that that’ll make you feel claustrophobic.

Maximum weight capacity

You should take into account the weight capacity of the camping hammock as well as your weight. There are bigger variants ideal for heavy and tall campers, as well as double variants for people who want to .share with partners or friends


Hammock Chair Care and Tips

One thing you need to note is that you should never swing or spin the hammock chair, because this may lead to injury or failure. In addition, you should always inspect all the focal points of the suspensions and attachments. Do not use the hammock chair if you see any signs of wear and tear.

Some of the parts that come with the hammock chair include a woven seat and a bar assembly, one 2 ½ inches S hook and one 5/8* 4 ¼ screw.

Hamock Chair With Stand

Hammock Chair on Stand

For the chain, you can use the 3/16 inches number 2 type. The chain can be found in most stores within your locale. You can calculate the floor to support beam and deduct 5.6 inches to get the chain length. In addition, the S hook must be approximately 6 inches from the floor, so that there is an extra 6 inches of chain to wrap under the swivel.

Tips for caring for your hammock chair

Before you hang your chair, you should ensure the suspensions and loops arms are straight. Sometimes, they tangle or twist during washing or when in transit.


You can wash your hammock chair either by machine or hand. Get rid of the seat from the bar wrap the ends to stop it from tangling, wash with warm water, rinse and then hand to dry.
How to hang

You can use exposed wooden beams such as gazebo, ceiling or patio cover. If the beams are exposed, you are done. You only need to place the hook at the heart of the beam. Do this until half of the hook is exposed.

Lastly, you should always check all the points of attachment and suspensions for signs of wear and tear. If you notice any kind of abnormality, just discontinue using the hammock chair.


Parachute Hammocks

Nylon hammocks are becoming more and more popular for a number of factors. Nylon is among the more recent products used today for more powerful and lasting hammocks. Learn more to find out what’s special about the nylon hammock, and why you may wish to think about buying one.

The nylon product is commonly chosen for its resistance against damp conditions and wetness. When exposed to sunshine, it is likewise known to be quite resistant against fading. This indicates

Suspended Hammock

Parachute Hammock

nylon parachute hammock have the tendency to be available in several colors. These colors can be appealing and really fantastic. The nylon hammock is ideal for residents who live by the ocean or in campers who frequently remain in jungles and jungles. It is likewise ideal for anybody who wishes to leave his/her hammock outdoors for an extended amount of time. Nylon hammocks can even be fuse melted for extra strength. The nylon hammock can likewise be considered a polypropylene hammock.

Nylon hammocks can be available in various styles. There are nylon products that are considered remarkable to other kinds of nylon. There are particular nylon fibers that are thinner and more securely bound. These can likewise can be found in much more colors. They can come in as much as 12 colors compared to the 6 to 8 colors of normal nylon hammocks. Excellent quality nylon hammocks will typically feel as comfortable as cotton does, however with much better strength.

Why would you select a nylon hammock over a cotton one? While cotton does provide a range of benefits, it isn’t really always for everybody. The cotton product might be terrific for some and not for others. When cotton is consistently impacted by water it starts to lose its resilience. It has the tendency to absorb a lot of water and keep maintain a lot of weight. Cotton might for that reason be fantastic in a roofed area however not so terrific in the middle of your yard. On the other hand, nylon, much like other artificial products, has the tendency to dry much faster when sprinkled with water.

Cotton is likewise conscious UV light. Even if you buy a remarkably colored cotton hammock, its color might fade overtime if it is continuously exposed to sunshine. Mildew development can likewise affect the aesthetic appeal of a cotton hammock, as cotton is more vulnerable to damage brought on by mildew or molds.

A cotton hammock tends to be thinner compared to a nylon hammock. This implies they can quickly break. Nylon hammocks are much thicker and are for that reason terrific for passionate users of hammocks.

As you can see having a nylon hammock has many benefits. This does not imply you can simply leave it out in bad weather condition or toss it into your closet when no longer in use. Similar to any hammock, take some actions to keeping yours. Just prevent using jewelry, watches and pins while utilizing it to avoid the ropes from getting knotted and cut if you desire your hammock to have a longer life-span. There are likewise other ways of safeguarding your hammock without needing to store it in a closet. Merely buy an affordable hammock cover.


Benefits of an Outdoor Hammock

An outdoor hammock is the new way of outdoor camping, particularly for people who have bodies that get grouchy when they sleep on the cold ground over night. They are much easier to manage, lighter and much easier to look after previously and throughout outdoor camping.

There are hammocks that are more costly however they generally include more functions and are constructed out of products that are more durable to the components than a sleeping bag.

Outdoor Beach hammock

Hammock on the beach

Hammock camping tents are likewise more flexible. You can suspend them, you can use them on the ground or you can put them above you when you desire shelter or wish to have a fire. All these uses can originate from that one hammock.

Some people use their sleeping bags inside an outdoor hammock for more support. Because they will leave no trace and they will not hurt the trees, many people use hammocks.

When it is a warm night, another great concept for utilizing an outdoor camping hammock is that air will stream through the hammock camping tent. There are some outdoor hammocks that are developed so that they safeguard you from the components no matter the temperature.

When you are not camping, this is an excellent way to enjoy your hammock camping tent. Once you get the hang of it, you will find that your outdoor camping hammock can be used in a lot more ways than your sleeping bag.

Some hammocks do take some getting used to because you either enter into them from the side or the bottom; the side opening ones appears to be a little much easier to get in and out of however both types will take a little time to get used to.

When you are camping however is the fact that you will not require a fancy bed to take with you, the best thing about having an outdoor hammock. You do not require a flat surface and you can still search for at the stars.

Hammocks are terrific for the whole family, you can motivate your grandchildren or kids to get outdoors and delight in the weather condition. Provide a book to check out, and let them take pleasure in some alone time. Motivate them to do their research while swinging away in the hammock.
To secure your hammock you need to merely cover the strap around the tree and pass the loop through the metal ring. You must then connect the hammock to the ring utilizing S-hook hardware. You need to keep in mind that while the straps are extremely reliable in their working they have the tendency to trigger damage to the trees that they are connected to.
After a hard-days work, absolutely nothing beats calming down in a hammock, these items will really bring favorable modification to your life quickly with hardly any expense.


What to Consider When Hanging a Hammock

When hanging any hammock, you need to plan ahead in order to hang the hammock effectively. To assist you out here are a few of the aspects that you need to think about:


The location that you select figures out the curve that your hammock will have. You ought to ensure that the trees aren’t too close together if you are planning on hanging the unit on a tree.

Hammock Suspension

Hammock with Suspension System

This is to avoid the hammock from scraping along the ground.

You need to ensure that the trees aren’t too far such that you have to extend the unit excessive therefore running the risk of ripping it. If the trees are far apart, you must include a rope or chain. You must think about going for hammocks with stands if you do not have trees on your property to hang the units.

Quantity of Force Exerted On the Hammock

When hanging the hammock, this is another crucial aspect that you need to think about. If you apply a lot of force on the unit, you ought to ensure that you hang the hammock firmly.

If you are the putting the hammock under little pressure, you must hang the unit loosely, on the other hand. While you need to make the unit loose or tight depending upon your choice, it is advised that you permit a 30-degree angle to avoid the unit from ripping.


For you to be safe, you need to ensure that the suspended tent is safe and secure. The silver lining is that there are many ways of protecting the unit. Among the ways is utilizing Hammock Tree Straps. These straps feature a loop on one end and a metal ring on the other.

There are numerous ways to hang a hammock from a tree. One is with eye screws which are screwed into the tree. (Cleaning up the drill bit and eye screws with alcohol might minimize the possibility of presenting infection to the within the tree.) Some specialists advise drilling directly through the tree and utilizing bolts with nuts on completion to ensure a protected install. If you have any questions about the viability of the trees and the technique you desire to use, speak with an arborist. Some hammock dealers bring tree straps so you can hang a hammock without destructive trees. These hold the hammock safely, and are simple to remove if you wish to move it around the lawn to follow the sun or the shade! If you plan on taking the hammock on getaways or outdoor camping journeys, they are likewise a great concept.


When hanging hammocks in your property, these are some of the aspects that you need to think about. You need to hang it in an area where it will not trigger any diversion if you are planning of hanging your unit completely. You must likewise ensure that you hang it safely so that you do not fall while resting.


How to Select the Best Suspended Hammock

With life as chaotic as it is today, yards all over the world are being changed into serene retreats. When making your very own personal haven, think about including a hanging hammock to finish your space. Absolutely nothing states convenience quite like a hanging hammock.

Prospective buyers might be surprised to know there is a diverse choice of suspended tent on the market, with different products and different designs to pick from. When thinking about which hanging hammock will work best for you, here are some things to think about.

To make this decision, think about the material you would like your hammock to be made from. Generally, most hanging hammocks have been made from rope. When it comes to rope hammocks, there are many variations to think about. The product of the way and the rope it is woven will considerably affect the way the hammock hangs and feels. Most frequently, the rope is made from


Net Hammock

polyester or cotton and both are really long lasting materials. Polyester will be a bit more weather condition resistant and will prevent the growth of mold to a greater degree, however, cotton is known for being more versatile and for that reason is frequently considered more comfy than polyester. It is necessary to keep in mind, nevertheless, that both will hold up against time effectively and either one will supply a comfy retreat.

Of the rope hammocks, of specific note is the Mayan hammock. Historically, these hammocks are called presents from the gods. These hanging hammocks are perfect for taking a trip and are simple to establish. If your concept of a hammock is about swinging in the breeze, the Mayan hammock might be the best option for you as it is known for its swing aspect.

While many people visualize rope hammocks, there is likewise a large range of fabric and canvas hanging hammocks to select from. These hammocks might not be quite as standard as a rope hammock, however, both fabric and canvas are comfy choices. The real advantage to selecting a hammock of the fabric or canvas range is a greater versatility in style. One popular kind of fabric hammock is the Brazilian hammock, which is likewise referred to as the banana hammock. This hammock is declared for the way it complies with the body, offering the most relaxing experiences to be found.

With a lot of hammocks to select from, you make certain to find the ideal hammock to finish your outdoor retreat.

A great camping tent serves you for a longer time. In basic, camping tents constructed of more powerful product (material, poles, and stitching) are priced greater. They will endure greater winds and much heavier rain. Then you might not require this level of strength and sturdiness for this reason you might decide for lighter variations that are always a deal.
Once again if outdoor camping is among those things you do once in a year and you do not venture out into practically unidentified surface throughout the harshest of climate condition, then you are better-off sticking to a least costly camping tent. After that, you will be more knowledgeable and smarter to venture into more expensive options.


How to Choose the Best Hammock With a Mosquito Net

A hammock is a fantastic piece of travel equipment to bring with you in the tropics. In point, hammocks are comfy to oversleep, simple to establish, inexpensive to buy, and many hostels enable visitors to oversleep their own hammocks for a greatly lowered rate. Bring a hammock supplies the traveler with the capability to establish a bed nearly throughout the tropical landscape, however, there is one significant issue.

As the weather condition gets warmer and the temperature increases, mosquitoes come out to play. Mosquitoes are entirely non-active in the winter, hibernating through the cold months. Once the

Mosquito Net Material

Mosquito Netting

temperature warms, the mosquitoes start to come out in force.

Oversleeping a conventional hammock leaves the body exposed to mosquitoes, spiders, animals, and other bugs that might bite or otherwise pain you in the night. To totally enhance a hammock for comfy use in the tropics, the traveler needs to use a mosquito net.

Add a Hammock with Mosquito Net to a Hammock

You can still find excellent protection for your hammock if you aren’t looking to buy a new hammock simply to combat some mosquitoes. Many kinds of netting exist that are created particularly for your hammock. The idea for all them is basically the same. The hammock is strung through the mosquito net through 2 openings on each end. The mosquito net is suspended with a ridgeline above the hammock. You can get in and from the mosquito net through a zipper on one side.

A jungle hammock is a style of a hammock that includes an integrated mosquito net These hammocks offer complete protection even in the buggiest conditions. They are frequently offered as total shelters and can run a number of hundred dollars.

A less expensive option to a jungle hammock are parachute hammocks with an integrated mosquito net. These hammocks are basically the like the popular parachute nylon outdoor camping hammocks, however with a connected bug net. These hammocks can likewise be used as a regular hammock by flipping it over, making it a flexible option. In this manner, you can simply hang out without being restricted within the net.

Once this is done, you can press the hammock’s ropes out through the small holes that are cinched with flexible in the upper 2 corners, then connect them to a couple trees or other assistances. Make certain that the leading support string is connected tight and level. Now, you can crawl inside the mosquito net, and you are ended up.
A tarpaulin might likewise be quickly included as a rain fly over the top of the mosquito net and staked to the ground with ropes. All this is our best recommendations, however, bear in mind that when we’re outdoors, mosquitoes are typically a fact of life. Simply because they’re ringing around, it does not suggest that you cannot still delight in a trip into the wild! Whether you get a mosquito evidence hammock or just customize your existing one, hammock without worry the next time you’re out.


How to Buy a Hammock Tent

What are the couple of things you should take a look at when choosing a hammock, and what is their function?


You need to figure out how to connect it to the trees once you have your hammock. These merely swing around the tree, thread through themselves, and connect to the hammock. Being that they’re larger than rope, they will do less damage to the tree.

Another option is to get tree straps and the Whoopieslings. This is a light-weight technique and perhaps more affordable.


– Structural ridgelines can connected simply inside the hammock suspension, and they will encounter the hammock. These connect the suspensions to each other, and enable your hammock to have droop. The greater droop permitting you to extend diagonally in your hammock, enabling you to lie flat.

Hammock Tent

4 people sitting in a suspended hammock tent.


Bulk of hammocks make use of light-weight nylon products to keep your body cool throughout the hot summertime season. You can feel the wind on your hair compared with being confined inside a camping tent.

If you are hammock outdoor camping on a cold season, make sure you suit up with accessories such as quilts and sleeping pads to keep your body warm. Remember that your body weight consumes the insulation.

There are still a couple of hammocks that are produced utilizing cotton. This type is created for home use specifically since they are much heavier and takes a while to dry.


This likewise depends upon the individual utilizing the hammock. You need to pick models that are at least 8 feet long if you are high.

Weight Capability

The basic weight limitation for hammocks averages in between 150 to 500 pounds. If you plan to use it routinely, get a resilient and strong type of hammock specifically.


Hammocks differ in width. You can pick from 4 to 8.5 feet or 6 to 7 feet. Figuring out the width of your hammock depends upon the number of you need to accommodate. Are you planning to use it for a single person or for a couple?

You can select a double or single hammock. It likewise depends upon what does it cost? space you wish to oversleep. Your hammock can consume you up if the space is too large.

After determining what the tarpaulins, suspensions and ridgelines, are you can most likely have a clear image in your head of what you require and desire. Go on, check out and pick the very best hammock on your own, you deserve it!


All Hammocks serve their function all right, you simply have to pick the one which fits you the very best and start up the experience! Each of these hammocks will undoubtedly keep you dry and bug free at basically all climate condition you might perhaps imagine, rain or sun, you will be safeguarded and comfy oversleeping them.

Keep in mind, selecting the best spot is likewise essential, you do not wish to drop in the middle of your sleep right onto the wet ground and dirt.


What are the Essential Measurements of the Hammock?

Just how much Does the Hammock Camping tent Weigh?

If you are backpacking or trekking long ranges the weight of the hammock will be an element in picking the best hammock tent for you. There are ultra-light models available, and picking a hammock with less functions can lighten the load if those functions are not needed.

Some producers note the camping tent weight different from the bug net and rain fly. Some consist of those in the bug or the weight net is not removable and should be consisted of.

Whatever the case, ensure you include the overall weight of the camping tent, bug net, rain fly, cables and hardware to get a precise overall weight so you can get a reasonable comparison.


Will the Hammock Camping tent Fit Me?

Hammocks can be found in different lengths and widths. Some are broad enough to accommodate 2 (and even 3, if you believe the marketing) people. There are hammock camping tents much better for high people, heavy folks, couples and a couple of constructed for smaller sized or more youthful campers.

Hammock camping tents have a height limitation, and a weight limitation and you ought to know what those limitations are prior to you make your decision. They likewise have a material dimension measurement, width increased by height, that works to know when comparing hammocks.

How Long lasting is the Material, or What is the Weight?

Heavy weight material uses much better, however has the tendency to weigh more. Lighter material is simpler to load, so it is a tradeoff. When thinking about a hammock camping tent, you must choose what is essential to you and what fits your needs.

One thing to discuss here is you will come across double and single layer hammocks. The advantage of single layer is it weighs less and breathes much better for heat. A single layer alone will not keep bugs from biting.

What Functions are consisted of with the Hammock?

Bug Net

A net is a need if you camp where there are bugs. , if the hammock does not have a net you can normally buy one that works with the hammock. It cannot be removed and includes some weight if the bug net is connected or incorporated.


Or you will need to hang a tarpaulin if rain is a possibility while camping you will require a hammock camping tent with a rain fly. An included rain fly is less typical on a hammock camping tent, and the majority of people will hang a tarpaulin if rain remains in the projection, however it is another thing to think about.

You likewise wish to get the measurements of the rain fly. Some hammock fans choose tarpaulins because they can use bigger tarpaulins that offer greater coverage, while others like the benefit of the included rain fly.

Special Functions

Practically all hammock camping tents have their own special functions that make the brand unique. Some hammocks you go into from the bottom and have a Velcro close. Others have extra width to accommodate 2 people. Others are developed wish for high folks.

A couple of hammock camping tents are reversible so you can use the bug net or flip it over and use the hammock without the net. A hammock camping tent may be created to be as light as possible while another one was made simply for young campers or smaller sized campers.


Additonal Hammocks and Accessories

Backpacking is a combination of outdoor camping, treking, climbing up and much more outdoor activities. It includes bring a bag pack while relocating to a location of your option and remaining overnight in the outdoors. Treking belongs of outdoor camping activities. It is taking pleasure in the charm and strolling of nature. By the end of the day you will need to rest for the night. You can decide to oversleep a camping tent, however utilizing the very best outdoor camping hammock is becoming the very best way to go as they are flexible and much more pleasurable.

Hammock Suspension Systems

Hammock setup needs a suspension system and a set of carabiners. Often these are offered with the hammock; often makers use one or both of these products independently as accessories. Suspension options consist of webbing straps (make certain they’re broader than 0.75 inches so they do not run the risk of hurting the tree when weighted), artificial tree slings and nylon ropes (beware of excessively elastic ropes that might leave you on the ground). Search for hammocks with lots of accessory points. They permit more setup adjustability and more versatility in the kinds of trees you use.

Hammock Weight Capability

Hammocks have weight limitations varying from 150 to 500 pounds– inspect the specifications prior to you acquire one. Be sure to get a durable model if you anticipate to regularly lounge with your Excellent Dane. Keep in mind that weight capability describes fixed weight. Any leaping up and down in your hammock will reduce its life expectancy and efficiency.

Hammock Weight

Include your selected suspension system to the overall product weight– this normally includes 10 to 15 ounces.

Hammock Insulation

Most hammocks use light-weight, breathable nylon to keep you cool throughout the summertime– much cooler than a confined camping tent.

Keep in mind: A couple of hammocks are made from cotton. For hammocking in windy and cold conditions, however, you’ll need to heat up with optional accessories.


Hamock Chair With Stand

Hammock Chair on Stand

Hammock chair

has ended up being the way to go as compared with utilizing tarpaulins and camping tents. It is much more versatile. The number of camping websites is restricted by your creativity. You will not have to search for flat ground for you to sleep. A best outdoor camping hammock likewise offers much more than a camping tent. When you are in a camping tent, you will be able to take pleasure in nature while relaxing or sitting in your hammock as compared to.

– It provides more than simply a place to sleep

You will have more than simply a place where you can sleep throughout the night when you have an outdoor camping hammock with you. It will use a place to sit or a place to place you can check out a book and relax or inform jokes around the campfire. You can move around with your hammock and set it up in the place you feel it’s practical for you. You can set it up next to a waterfall and enjoy your time there while relaxing.

– There is maximum air circulation throughout the hot season and clammy summertime

With a hammock there is an advantage of total air circulation as compared with camping tents which are well-known heat traps. Hammocks are comfy and cool.

– Hammocks use killer views

With the best backpacking hammock, the field is broad open. Pick campgrounds that are open to the early morning sun and deal breath-taking neglects. You will take pleasure in the view while still relaxing or sitting in your hammock.

– Hammocks hang far from sneaking nocturnes and animals

The hazard of spiders, lizards and snake tracks are why lots of people prevent outdoor camping. With a hammock you will be clear of all these threats since you rise from the ground and the bugs and animals will crawl under previous your hammock.

– Stamina and toughness

Camping or backpacking hammocks are made with products that can not be damaged by the weather condition. When you are camping, they are made to withstand all types of weather condition that might be there. The products likewise are acrylic and vinyl that makes your best outdoor camping hammocks to dry rapidly. Their chains, grommets and suspension ropes are likewise made to be hard in all-weather condition.

– Setup and packaging is quicker with less capacity for rips, tears and leaks.

The capability of the hammock to drift keeps it far from leak threats and you will not require patching tear and rips. It is simpler to pick a camp as you will not stress over sharp rocks and plants such as cactus.

– The camper hangs above prospective flood zones and compact ground

When it rains, flat areas are susceptible to flooding. Oversleeping a hammock is will keep you dry over night as compared with oversleeping a camping tent.

– Bed linen and shelter stay muck-free and dry

You will not have to dry them in the early morning due to the fact it’s raised from the ground when you sleep in a hammock. You will not have to sweep or get rid of wet leaves and particles from your hammock. When sleeping under a camping tent, your sleeping product will more than likely get wet and you will have to dry them prior to loading.

– It’s extremely comfy to oversleep a hammock

Since there are no pressure points, your body will have the ability to rest entirely.

– No bed to make all the time

Lots of people dislike the idea of making their bed every early morning. With an outdoor camping hammock, you do not have to be stressed over making a bed since there is no bed to be made.

– You will be off the unleveled rocks, roots and ground

Sleeping on an unleveled ground, rocks and roots is the most uneasy way to sleep when outdoor camping, backpacking or treking. When sleeping under a camping tent, this is a typical problem.


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