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Best Budget Hammocks

Many people have a hard time affording the expensive hammocks out there. They begin searching for cheap hammocks online and are overwhelmed with the offerings. Not every hammock is made the same, and it is difficult to tell if they are looking into trash, or hidden gems. I have taken the time to compile a list of budget hammocks for both camping and hiking so you can easily find the best hammock for your budget right here. Whether you are interested in camping hammock reviews or backpacking hammock reviews, these should help you.

As with most of my other larger review articles, I start with the list first. If you want to see the actual reviews scroll past these links:

The Best Budget Hammocks

1. Farland Lightweight Nylon Parachute Hammock

2. Farland Outdoor Camping Hammock

3. Hukoer Hammock

4. Augymer Double Portable Camping Hammock

5. Mersuii Double Camping Hammock

6. Trofong Double Hammock

7. Richka Double Camping Hammock

8. MalloMe XL Double Parachute Camping Hammock

9. Gold Armour Camping Hammock – XL Double Parachute Hammock

10. Rusee Camping Hammock

There we go, quick list of what we have reviewed below. Looking for the reviews? Read below to find out how I came up with this list.

hammock for camping

Camping Hammock

PictureHammockWeightBuy Now!Rating
Farland Lightweight HammockUnder 2 pounds4.7
Farland Camping HammockUnder 2 pounds4.9
Hukoer Double Camping HammockUnder 2 pounds4.2
Augymer Double Portable Camping HammockUnder 2 pounds4.5
Mersuii Double Camping HammockUnder 2 pounds4.8
Trofong Double HammockUnder 2 pounds4.5
Richka Double Camping HammockUnder 2 pounds4.6
Mallome XL Double Parachute Camping HammockUnder 2 pounds4.4
Gold Armour Double Camping HammockUnder 2 pounds4.2
Rusee Camping HammockUnder 2 pounds4.4

Budget hammocks are a daunting thing to get into. You do not want to get a hammock that is subpar, will not protect you, or keep you comfortable while camping. Where can you save on some money, and increase in other places? It is hard to figure out. The most important things to look for is durability of material during extreme conditions, safety and durability, ease of set up, and proper size. If the hammock checks those boxes it will be a decent hammock on a budget.

Farland Hammocks

Farland hammocks are a quality designed hammock for a fraction of the cost. They are not a cheap hammock by anymeans, rather an inexpensive hammock. These hammocks are perfect for begginers to the hammock world who are concerned about the prices of name brand hammocks, and have a place in the loadout of an experienced hammock camping as a backup or loaner hammock. Farland offers 2 options. A lightweight nylon parachute hammock, which is ideal for backpacking, and day trips. They also have an outdoor camping hammockwhich is more suited for more rugged adventures. As a bonus you can check out their Lightweight Waterproof Mummy Sleeping Bag to keep you warm on those cold nights.

The Farland lightweight nylon parachute hammock is a perfect hammock to get into hammock camping. It is inexpensive, easy to set up, and can hold up to 250 pounds. It is a spacious hammock, and can work as a double hammock for smaller individuals. It fits well into its compressing bag, and is easy to carry around on backpacking trips and as a spare or backup on more rugged trips.

The Farland outdoor camping hammock is more rugged than the previous one in the list. It comes in several different colors, and has size options for a single hammock or a double hammock. The hammock tree straps are rated at 500-800 pounds, so they are more than sturdy for the largest of campers. All of this in a compact 1.8 pound package! The inexpensive price makes it the perfect entry point hammock for those looking for a cheap hammock.

Hukoer Hammocks

Hukoer Hammocks are a premium product at a budget price. These hammocks are inexpensive and well made. They offer a Double Camping Hammock with 3 color and gear variations. These hammocks are lightweight, but suprisingly resilient. Hukoer also offers a set of Hammock Tree Straps to supplement their hammocks with a higher quality tree strap solution.

The Hukoer Hammock is a doulbe camping hammock with a 550 pound capacity. It was designed for backpacking and camping. it is lightweight, and comes with Hukoer’s guarantee. The hammock weight 2.84 pounds, and is easy to carry. If you are looking for an entry level hammock take a look at the Hukoer.

Augymer Hammocks

Augymer has one hammock offering available in the budget hammock category. The Augymer Double Portable Camping Hammock. This hammock is a lightweight hammock designed for for hiking and backpacking. It is made of parachute nylone, and with sturdy, strong construction. It is inexpensive, and an easy lightwiehgt hammock to throw in the back of your pack for a nice hammock camping trip.

The Augymer Hammock is a double camping hammock with a capacity of 600 pounds. It is designed for 2 people, has plenty of extra room, and is easy to transport. It weighs just under 2 pounds, and folds up to under 6.5 inches long. For a budget hammock or a backup hammock, the Augymer Hammock is an excelent choice.

Mersuii Hammocks

Mersuii hammocks are on the upper end of the affordable hammocks available online. They have one offering, the Mersuii Double Camping Hammock. It is a lightweight parachute hammock designed for two people while backpacking or camping. It is lightweight, and easy to pack.

The Mersuii Hammock features a parachute nylone fabric for strength and durability. It can support 500 pounds, and offers a staggering 20 attachment points. It weighs in at a staggeringly low 1.1 pounds, and should be almost unnoticeable in anyone backpacking gear. Bring as your primary, and order a second one as a backup backpacking hammock.

Trofong Hammocks

The Trofong Hammock is an ideal hammock when an enclosed hamping hammock is needed. The Trofong Double Hammock comes equiped with a built in mosquito net. Designed for more adventurous hiking locations the this hammock is bound to keep you safe and warm throughout the night.

The Trofong Hammock is an all in one solution. It comes with everything, including a mosquito net, that you would need to start hammock camping. It is a double hammock, supporting two people, and up to 450 pounds total. It is lightweight, a total weight of 1.43 pounds. So it could very easily be packed into a backpackers pack without much additional weight concerns. This hammock is worth a look if you are interested in areas where a mosquito net is a must.

Richka Hammock

The Richka Hammock is truly in a class of it’s own in the inexpensive hammock category. It’s main claim to fame is the 70d nylon which it uses. This nylon far outclasses the standard parachute nylon most other hammocks use in durability, and comfort. Richka only has one hammock on offer, the Richka Double Camping Hammock, which has a large weight limit, and supports 3 people.

The Richka Hammock is strong and durable. It is a double hammock, but is large enough to support 3 people, and has a staggering 800 pound weight capacity. This hammock is one of the unsung gems of the hammock world. It is ideal for more rugged camping, and comes with everything you need to start hammock camping at a budget price. It weighs in at under 2 pounds, so it is still easy to transport. Make this one of your main hammocks for comfort and durability alone.

MalloMe Hammocks

The MalloMe Hammock is a perfect budget hammock for larger people, or those wanting more room. They offer the MalloMe XL Double Parachute Camping Hammock which can support a whopping 1000 pounds. There is no real concievable way to overload this hammock.

The MalloMe Hammock is a doubvle camping hammock that when packed down only weighs 1 pound. It is well designed, and can support up to 1000 pounds. That is enough for 2 people, and plenty of gear. This hammock is perfect if you like room, and like to have your gear handy with you inside the hammock.

Gold Armour Hammocks

The Gold Armour Hammock is a great budget friendly hammock. They offer a single hammock, Gold Armour Camping Hammock – XL Double Parachute Hammock. This hammock is an extra large size, and comfortable fits 2 people. It is light weight, and simple to set up.

The Gold Armour Hammock is an amazing inexpensive camping hammock. It is a double hammock, large enough for two, and supports up to 500 pounds. It is 1.5 pounds when packed, so it is great for backpacking, hiking, or rugged hammock camping. Many people would benefit from a hammock like this as their first budget hammock.

Rusee Hammock

The Rusee Hammock is another premium rugged camping hammock, featuring a built in mosquito net. The Rusee Camping Hammock is lightweight, easy to put together, and keeps you safe in mosquito laden areas.

TheRusee Hammock is a great durable budget hammock made for rugged camping. It weighs in at just under 1.5 pounds, and is large enough for 2 people. This is an excelent choice for the budget minded begginer.


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